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Interpretation and Translation services in Lancashire

Our interpreters and translators can be hired at short notice for transcribing, interpreting, and providing accurate document translations. Our faithful, diligent translators can interpret almost any language and dialect, and our rates are very competitive.




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Interpretation services

At Verde Translations, we can send interpreters to attend in person or via video call at medical appointments, court appearances, and conference meetings, for example. We can provide our interpreters in Lancashire and nationwide. We assist our clients in understanding exactly what is being said by interpreting in their spoken dialect. This is vital for legal situations and also the medical profession, where an accurate understanding on both sides can make a crucial difference.



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Translation services

Verde Translations provide linguistic services including supplying translators, translating documents such as witness statements, court documents and court orders, legal letters, certificates (IDs, Birth Certificates, etc.) and other important documents clients need to read in their own language. Whether you need interpreting services in Lancashire, or a reliable translator for official documents, we are here to help.



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Transcription services

We also offer a transcription service, copying spoken accounts and audio or video, and transcribing them faithfully and accurately. For accurate transcription, it is vital the listener is a qualified and experienced translator. Using automated translating and recording software can result in wild inaccuracies, leading to terrible results and potentially serious consequences in certain circumstances. 


Verde Translations

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